Individuals looking to buy small amounts of mushrooms for personal use


Grocery markets of any size looking for regular supply of mushrooms


Restaurants in search of mushrooms for their menu


Wholesalers and distributors looking for a constant supply of mushrooms

We source farm fresh mushrooms from the Pacific Northwest and connect with customers of all types and sizes, from the individual cooking mushroom risotto for the family to the large wholesaler adding mushrooms to their produce lineup.
Retail customers may order directly through our online shop for direct-to-door delivery                       (where available). If you are outside our delivery area, contact us to see if special                       arrangements can be made!
Grocers and Restaurants who are in need of weekly deliveries should contact us directly for product lists and wholesale pricing. If you are not within our service area don't
fret just yet! We will put on our thinking caps and see if a solution can be found.
Wholesalers and distributors large or small should contact us directly for pricing and                        placing orders. We can discuss shipping arrangements regardless of your
                 location (we have several customers outside of B.C.)